Watch Out For Flying Monkeys

Comrade   May 18, 2016   Comments Off on Watch Out For Flying Monkeys

The Los Angeles Times was kind enough to warn us about Flying Monkeys:

“Be nice to Hillary Clinton online — or risk a confrontation with her super PAC”

“Oh no, I’d better be good lest someone confront, argue with, or insult me!” said no troll ever in the history of the Internet. Unless of course they were trolling when they said it.

I’d like to think the headline is tongue-in-cheek, but considering how stupid the paper is I think they were seriously “warning” people. As in, “you better not, or else!” But at least they acknowledge the sad, bad idea for what it is.

At the same time, however, using a super PAC to create a counterweight to movements that have sprung up organically is another reflection of the campaign’s awkwardness with engaging online, digital pros said.

Well, almost acknowledge anyway. They don’t quite get the full meaning of this. That people of their own volition are opposing Clinton for free, and Clinton is countering by throwing money against them. It really exemplifies the reason people hate the political class in both parties, The People vs The Money. But hey, it’s not necessarily a bad thing that she’s spending money on this.

Paid Shills (Flying Monkeys)

Watch Out For Flying Monkeys

This makes trolling Hillary online so much easier now that she has paid shills, because one can simply accuse any Hillary supporter of being a paid shill thereby discrediting them. Easy peasy, and they’ve no way to prove they aren’t, which is almost as good for trolls as sitting under a bridge. But Trump has people who support and fight for him for free because;

Trump Is A True Leader

This is the first year I’ve ever donated to a political campaign, and ironically, it was to a billionaire that didn’t even ask for money. Pundits say he’s manipulative and bullying, but they don’t know what a real leader looks like. The President is supposed to be the leader of our country, but for 8 years we’ve had a sad loser in the office lowering the bar so low that not even James Cameron could raise it.

Now that a real leader shows up it’s blowing their minds, and since they don’t like him, they’re ignorantly categorizing his leadership as negatives. But that’s ok, because since the beginning of this election cycle the pundits and media have lost so much credibility that no one is even listening to them anymore. Nobody worth mentioning anyway.

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