In The Barrel

Wall Of Shame

The Wall Of Shame

In wars throughout history men have collected trophies from their fallen foes, such as scalps and ears. In the digital war, Comrade Turner collects blocks as trophies and culturally appropriates the tradition of counting coup with his defeated enemies on this Wall Of Shame.

“Famous” People

These aren’t likely to be A-list celebs, more like D, E, and F-list.

Ben Howe (Abusive Husband?)

Normally wives and children are off-limits for me, but after Benny called Melania Trump a whore the gloves came off. It’s not my best work, but apparently it struck a nerve. Sad.


Cheri Jacobus (Pundit/Useless)

I mistakenly thought she actually had some sort of value.

Rick Wilson (Cuck Wilson)

Be careful asking him to play ultimate frisbee, he might block you!

Cuck Wilson

Lindy West (Who?)

Sometimes you wonder if you’re doing what’s right, and then confirmation comes along. For me that was feminazi author Lindy West blocking all conservative accounts. Maybe getting blocked by a nobody I’ve never interacted with or even heard of doesn’t seem like an accomplishment, but it signifies my notoriety. My reputation precedes me and the regressives are living in fear of my mighty, mighty words. #Success

Lindy West

She’s so fat the “You are blocked” text wouldn’t fit in the picture with her. Sad.

Brian Cuban

Once again my reputation precedes me, or this Nancy boy shares Lindy West’s block list, because I don’t believe I’ve ever had an interaction with this guy. Ever. lol.