Turning 30

Comrade   August 19, 2016   Comments Off on Turning 30

This month I turn 30. It’s significant because it’s the first birthday I have not been even a little excited about. And by first I mean second, but I’ll write about that later. Kind of on a deadline to get this one out.

 Getting Older: Health

To me living to 30 was pretty much a given. Barring a tragic accident or illness, people who act responsibly are pretty much guaranteed to make it to 30. I know statistically you’re almost guaranteed 40 nowadays, but facts don’t matter to muh feelz and that’s how ah feelz.

After 30 people start getting cancer, having heart attacks, and all sorts of things you don’t really hear about happening to people in their 20’s. Having high blood pressure actually matters, and cholesterol and all sorts of stuff. Scary stuff.


When I was a kid birthdays and Christmas were really exciting because they were the only 2 times of year I got anything new. Even then a portion of that stuff was clothes. I still dislike getting clothes for Christmas or birthdays, although I don’t hate it quite so much now for one reason.

As an adult, anything that I really want that’s low priced I just buy. I suppose this is true for most adults and what makes holiday shopping for them so difficult. I’d love to get a PSAK-47 rifle for my birthday, but that’s a mortgage payment for most people I know.

When you do get expensive stuff, you know you’re going to get because it’s too much of an expense to buy something and hope they like it. For example I know I’m getting a Samsung Galaxy S7 for my birthday because my wife asked me if that’s what I wanted instead of other stuff.

I made the mistake last Christmas of trying to surprise my wife an expensive iPad, it ended up being the only thing I bought because; expensive, and she didn’t even like it. She ended up taking it back to the store and bought what she really wanted. Clothes, smh.

Final Thoughts

I just wanted to complain a bit. First world problems and all that. I’m going to finish reading Gorilla Mindset, and methinks for Christmas get the Wim Hof method and work on improving myself. Maybe start reading more books. I hate reading though.


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