Trump Endorsed Paul Ryan (And It’s OK)

Comrade   August 6, 2016   Comments Off on Trump Endorsed Paul Ryan (And It’s OK)

Donald Trump endorsed Spkr. Ryan, Sen. McCain, and Sen. Ayotte at his Green Bay rally as a peace offering to the establishment. Like it or not he’ll need at least tepid support from them to win in November. Some people are upset that Donald Trump endorsed incumbent and globalist Paul Ryan instead of Paul Nehlen. But don’t be, Paul Nehlen isn’t.

This reporter doesn’t get it, and if you’re calling Nehlen a cuck right now you don’t either. But that’s ok I’ll walk you through it. Here’s the Presidential Primary results where Ryan and Nehlen are competing.


As you can see, Ted Cruz dominated in this district. Do you know who doesn’t like Donald Trump? Cruz supporters! So an endorsement from Trump would actually hurt a candidate among Cruz supporters who constitute the majority in this district.

But what about the people who really like Donald Trump who an endorsement would be a good thing for? They already really like Nehlen and really dislike Ryan. Trump saying he endorses Ryan isn’t going to do a thing to change their minds except maybe make Nehlen look even better.

The endorsement hurts Ryan among Cruz supporters, and doesn’t hurt Nehlen among Trump supporters, and maybe even helps him. But none of this really matters as Ryan has a 66 point lead in the race, so unless there’s a huge upset Ryan is probably going to win the primary. Why bother endorsing Ryan then?

In the end it doesn’t matter which person we have in the office, what matters is what the person in the office does with their position. And Trump is getting Paul Ryan to do what we want. Still not convinced? Listen to this podcast by Bill Mitchell (you should follow him) and take it from Paul Nehlen himself (19:32). Trump did the right thing.

Who knows, maybe Nehlen will still win in a big upset and there’ll be a happy ending for everybody.