The Price of Freedom

Comrade   June 13, 2016   Comments Off on The Price of Freedom

We take it for granted that men and women have given their lives for us to live in freedom. But have you considered those who die as a result of freedom are also paying that freedom? I’m not saying I like it, it is what it is, anytime there is a freedom someone will abuse it, without exception. I challenge you to think of 1 freedom that has never been abused by anyone, ever.

Damn Bloody Vultures

When things like the Orlando terrorist attack happen, the bodies aren’t even cold before vultures like Hillary Clinton swoop in and use their deaths to justify taking away freedom and liberty. The justification for this often comes from a misperception that the 2nd Amendment, and military arms in particular, hold no societal value.

The Societal Value of Firearms

Without guns why do you have freedom of speech? Because they don’t feel like taking it away from you yet. There is absolutely nothing to keep them from locking you up over something as asinine as a tweet or a joke as we’ve seen happen in the gun-free ‘utopias’ of England with Matthew Doyle and Germany with Jan Bohmermann.

Think you can just protest that and get your way? Only if they let you. The Tiananmen Square massacre of 1989 proved that even a million protesters can’t stand up to rifles and a couple armored vehicles. Sure one guy stopped a tank by standing in front of it, but only because they didn’t want to squish him on television. He’s not been seen or heard from since.

It’s About Power

Without private ownership of firearms we are at the mercy of elected officials few would argue actually represent us. With private ownership of firearms, we give meaning to the term “consent of the governed” because consent is actually required to govern us when the populace have militarily relevant firearms. Without private ownership of firearms, the consent is irrelevant and unnecessary.

Instead of trying to take things away from good people, we should focus on going after the person who did this, their family and friends who were in on it, and the organizations who put them up to it. Instead of taking away the rights these victims died for, we should honor them and their memories.


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