The FBI Let Hillary Skate

Apparently the Cigarette Smoking Man dropped in to encourage FBI Director James Comey to not bring charges against Hillary Clinton. I mean the only other possible explanation is rampant corruption at the top levels of government and that’s impossible right?


I wish, but Comey straight up admitted to what was going on when he made his announcement.

To simplify Director James Comey’s unnecessarily complicated statement I’ll take out the double negative since functionally they cancel one another out.

“…this is to suggest that in similar circumstances a person who engaged in this activity would face consequences.”

As in, they’d nail anybody else to the wall. But at least they’re being fair to people who have been investigated for this before, right?

In looking back at our investigations into mishandling or removal of classified information, we cannot find a case that would support bringing criminal charges on these facts. – Director James Comey

Nope. They nailed Bryan H. Nishimura to the wall for doing the exact same bloody thing.

Hell, James Comey put Martha Stewart in jail simply for lying to investigators! But Clinton didn’t lie so it’s not the same thing…

Awkward. Hillary gets away with lying and mishandling classified information. How sick is that? I’ve lost all respect for Director Comey and the FBI as an organization over this. To illustrate, I’m on season 7 rewatching the X-Files and I’m so mad at the FBI it’s ruined the series for me.

The amount of corruption and conflict of interest is staggering, here’s some of what we currently know about that, and I expect as time goes on we’ll have FBI agents leaking things because most of them are good honorable people who want to see justice served.

Hillary Clinton bribed AG Lynch by saying she would consider keeping her on as AG in her administration.

Bill Clinton inappropriately met with AG Lynch while his wife was under investigation by an agency that answers to her.

President Obama endorsed Hillary Clinton while she was under investigation by an agency that he ultimately controls.


Comrade Turner has officially withdrawn his consent to be governed by Federal law. If it doesn’t apply to Clinton, it doesn’t apply to him. Follow him on twitter and watch him tell James Comey off.


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3 thoughts on “The FBI Let Hillary Skate

  1. Cartier McCloud

    Clinton is jew owned and jew run and will do what the jews tell her. So will the FBI.

    If you think the holocaust is a hoax, you’ll post this. If not, you won’t.

    I’ll bet you lunch for a week I’m more “awful” then you are;p

    1. Comrade Turner Post author

      I don’t really think the holocaust is a hoax or have anything against Jews, but I’m not interested in censoring you either. I just didn’t realize comment approval was turned on.

  2. Omer Keks

    Indeed, the sheer number of scandals for which Bill and Hillary Clinton have escaped punishment is simply astonishing. There’s always some “technicality” or “lack of evidence” or other pathetic excuse.

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