Stay Safe Out There

Comrade   June 4, 2016   Comments Off on Stay Safe Out There

It won’t be practical to deck yourself out in riot gear to attend a Trump rally, so to help you stay safe I’ll go over some techniques to mitigate risks presented by violent protesters terrorists who may attempt to assault and/or intimidate you.

Travel In Groups

Wait until you see a good sized group of Trump supporters and join them when approaching or leaving the venue. The universal truth about these protesters terrorists is they’re cowards and only go after people they outnumber 10 to 1.  And even then they’re usually women or young people. You’ll notice in these videos the people attacked are alone, in pairs, or in very small groups.

Don’t Draw Unnecessary Attention To Yourself

I’m not going to blame this woman for being belligerent to the crowd, and I am in no way excusing the crowd’s violent behavior. But if your goal is to get away unscathed you’d do well to avoid engaging them and let roughnecks like me draw their attention while you fly safely under the radar. Murphy’s law states “look unimportant, the enemy may be low on ammo” and that goes for these situations as well.

Watch Your Back

You have to maintain situational awareness at all times in hostile environments because complacency kills, or at least gets you busted in the head. Notice the cowardly protester terrorist sneaks up behind for the attack and prances away like a little bitch before his victim can turn around and beat his ass. Sometimes even in small groups they’ll try to sneak up behind you. Don’t let them.

Be Confident

You’ve got a right to be there, walk around like you own the place. Keep your head up, shoulders back, and look the enemy in the eyes in a way that says “I see you”, especially the punk-ass bitches trying to sneak up on you. If they know you know they’re there, that you won’t be an easy target, and that you’re likely to fight back, they’re much less likely to mess with you. They’re cowards. But even cowards can be provoked so be mindful of Rule 2: Don’t draw attention to yourself unless you’re prepared to throw down.

To Reiterate

  1. Travel in large groups
  2. Don’t draw unnecessary attention to yourself
  3. Watch your back and don’t let them get behind you
  4. Be Confident

Stay safe out there, but don’t let the protesters terrorists deter you from practicing your Constitutional Rights.

Comrade Turner was a Sergeant in the Marine Corps and was trained in force protection and terrorism awareness. Use his knowledge to stay safe and most importantly, don’t let the terrorists win.