Sexual Abuse Victim Raped Again By The Media

Milo Yiannopoulos has come under fire for being sexually abused as a minor. The controversy began almost a year and a half ago on Joe Rogan Experience #702. Here is the video for those who haven’t seen it.

Joe says the Catholic church taught him right from wrong. Milo asks a bitter sarcastic question about whether or not Joe was molested in response. It seems Milo takes exception to the idea the Catholic church is teaching boys right from wrong because of his sexual abuse.

As Joe grills him about the experience Milo looks increasingly uncomfortable, starts stammering, and presents the behavior of someone coping with sexual abuse.

In his article, Sexual Abuse: What to Do, Where to Go From Here? Licensed clinical psychologist Dr. Seth Myers writes

Yet there are cases in which victims of sexual abuse learn to explore the experience of abuse and, in doing so, transform their identities from victim to survivor. Transcending this step can be empowering and can significantly increase the survivor’s self-esteem and sense of control over his or life. After all, it’s precisely one’s sense of control that is lost when a person sexually violated – there is usually no way to move and nowhere to go in the moment of the attack.

Milo re-frames the abuse as something he chose and enjoyed to regain his sense of power. And now he’s being crucified for how he copes with sexual abuse. Simon and Schuster has cancelled Milo’s book deal, and he’s been dis-invited from speaking at CPAC.

Milo Yiannopoulos was molested as a child, and now the media is molesting him all over again. It’s absolutely disgusting, and I for one stand with him against it.

Milo Yiannopoulos

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11 thoughts on “Sexual Abuse Victim Raped Again By The Media

  1. Edwin

    How quick we are sometimes to throw someone under the bus. That’s the power of fake news. By defending Milo we’re not making excuses for pedophilia or defending a specific comment, we’re defending the notion that a soundbite makes a person. If I believed for one second that Milo would be capable of something unspeakeable I would grab my pirchfork and join the mob, but he has been outspoken about the issue before and it matters. His track record on the subject matters.

    1. Comrade Post author

      I watched the podcast months ago and could tell right away it was coping behavior. They’ve saved this up for a year and a half for when he became a big threat, and with his speech at CPAC they knew it was time to take him out. Salon even removed their pedophile normalizing articles in order to attack him on this. Too bad they were archived first.
      I’m a pedophile, but not a monster
      “I’m not a monster”: A pedophile on attraction, love and a life of loneliness

  2. John

    Most pedophiles were they themselves victims at one point in time. That doesn’t mean that we excuse their actions as adults.

    So no. Milo can’t turn around and play the victim card here. Besides, isn’t that a bit ironic that a guy who has made a living out of beating on victims, would now turn around and claim to be one?

    It’s possible to have sympathy for Milo. I do. But at the same time we can say that this guy has some messed up ideas and doesn’t deserve to be a thought leader for conservatives. Anyone who believes so isn’t thinking straight.

    1. Comrade Post author

      I haven’t heard all of his speeches, but from what I’ve seen it looks like he’s beating on people who claim to be victims where he doesn’t see it that way. Like someone regrets drunken sex the next day and says it’s rape, or gets fondled over their clothes at a party. Whatever you think about those cases, it’s not the same as being held down and sodomized. Acting like it is, as some people do, could be very upsetting to someone who had experienced real abuse.

      But I don’t know him personally so that is pure speculation. The real issue with this particular case is how they sat on this story for over a year and invited him to speak at CPAC to make this attack on him as damaging as possible, and misrepresented how he copes with the abuse as him condoning it happening to others. Personally I don’t think anyone considered a thought leader for conservatives deserves to be a thought leader for conservatives. They’ve driven conservatism into the ground and Milo was the best hope it had.


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