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Comrade   January 27, 2017   Comments Off on Right Nationalism

Multiculturalism only works if you want socialism and globalism (blue). If you want conservatism and nationalism (red) you need something else.

Election by race and sex

Notice something about that graph? Non-whites overwhelmingly vote for liberal globalism. Whites overwhelmingly vote for conservative nationalism. Whites and nonwhites just aren’t going to be happy living in the same country.

TIRED: White Nationalism

  1. The primary focus is race, making it easily countered by autistic shouts of “RACIST” and “REEEEEEE”
  2. White Nationalism alienates important allies such as Hotep and other non-white conservatives.
  3. The name implies, if not outright demands, removal of non-whites from the country.
  4. Normies won’t accept it.

WIRED: Right Nationalism

  1. Primary focus is on nationalist conservative policies. Not as easily damaged by “RACIST!”
  2. Inclusive of conservative non-whites. More allies & less enemies = good.
  3. Doesn’t require removing non-whites, just controlling immigration to maintain demographic ratios.
  4. Normies will be more receptive to its message.

Why We Lose

Race-baiters re-frame the argument and accuse conservatives of hating minorities. To prove them wrong, conservatives roll over and support importing more minorities (liberals).

Socialists use capitalism against us. They convince big business to import cheap labor and we bring in more minorities (socialists) to save money.

Atheists use Christian ideals against us. “Not allowing the entire 3rd world into the US is un-Christian!” Then Christians prove their piety by bringing in more people who hate Christians.

Liberals throw foreign suffering in our faces so we help outsiders while half a million Americans are hungry and homeless.

How We Win

Re-frame the argument to not be about race. We want to bring in people who share our conservative nationalist values. Their race is beside the point, so ignore being called racist.

Don’t be greedy bastards and think of the long-term. If you import people who wish to seize the means of production, you’ll lose everything dopey.

Acknowledge foreign suffering, but recognize you’re still doing as Jesus commanded by helping people in the US. Remove the log from your own eye before removing the stick from your brother’s. Don’t allow heathens to guilt you into importing philistines who will marginalize Christian culture.

Recognize nobody has a right to immigrate here. Our house, our rules. America First.

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