I Punched A Lady In The Back Of The Head

Comrade   August 16, 2016   Comments Off on I Punched A Lady In The Back Of The Head

To be fair though, she was running from me so her face wasn’t a valid option.

It all started when I was at the park with my oldest. He’s almost 4. I was sitting watching him play and talking to people when he throws a rock at 2 ladies and misses them. I yelled at him “Hey, we don’t throw rocks at people that’s not nice” and he said “sorry” in his cute little kid voice.

So I turn and keep talking when I notice the 2 women had walked up behind him. The brunette looked around suspiciously then threw a rock underhand and hit the kit in the back of the head and he starts bawling.

“Oh hell no” I said as I stood up and started running towards them. The blond just stood there like an idiot but her brunette friend saw me coming and took off running. In hindsight I could have pretended not to see and got closer before making my intentions known.

So we run through the park and I’m gaining on her because she’s slow and she decides she’s going to scale a brick wall to get away from me. She got to the wall a split second before I did, and I caught her right square in the back of the head with a punch from a full sprint.

I heard a loud CRACK as pain shot through my hand. I had connected with the first two knuckles as I had been trained to do in the Marines, but punching stuff still hurts even if you do it right. That’s when I realized I was still lying in bed and had punched the solid wooden headboard of the bed. At least I hadn’t inadvertently punched my wife this time. Sleeping with me is mildly dangerous. She’s a brave women… who also sleeps facing away from me now.

I started having these nightmares in the service starting not too long after a “traumatic event” I don’t like to talk about. They’re always different and include different people but they do follow a definite pattern.

Either I’m in an argument with someone in the dream and wake up yelling obscenities, or I’m being threatened or in a physical altercation with a person. This one was remarkable in that nobody did anything to me, they had attacked and hurt my kid. In the past it’s always been stuff happening to me.

Kinda messed up my day since I woke up early upset and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I’ve been tired, unproductive, and crabby today. So I decided I’ll just write about this.

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