Prison Architect: Finish it (Part 1)

Comrade   January 30, 2017   Comments Off on Prison Architect: Finish it (Part 1)

Prison Architect

Although I’ve certainly gotten my money’s worth from Prison Architect, I’d like to point out some parts they should finish before they write “final version” on this game.



After only 1.5 hours my prisoner’s sleep need has been fully satisfied and if I get them up now, they’ll be fine until they start getting sleepy later in the day.



Change sleep behavior to reduce the need over the course of 6-8 hours depending on a variable assigned to each prisoner which decides how much sleep they need to feel rested.

This way if prisoners don’t get a full night’s sleep, they start out the day angry which more closely models real life.



Despite showering immediately before bed, after a full night’s sleep prisoners awake ridiculously dirty and homicidally angry about it. Prisoners kick off every bloody morning.


If they shower in the morning, prisoners will go all day without showering and only get marginally dirty.




Swap the behavior. Prisoner hygiene should only go up a little while sleeping and a lot while awake. And tone down the need increase. Prisoner hygiene should only become a problem if they miss showering for a day, not if they don’t get 2+ showers a day.



We can’t remove electricity in a spot without removing all the pipes in the same space. And vice Versa.



  1. Have 4 utility removal tools
  2. Water only (new)
  3. Hot Water only (new)
  4. Electricity only (new)
  5. All (existing)



Prisoners pee and poop their pants ALL THE TIME. Even when they have facilities available. I know sometimes prisoners pee and poop all over to be jerks, but this is way beyond that.

20170128165659_1 20170128170433_1


A bigger grace period between “I kinda have to pee” and “it’s running down my leg” so they have time to reach the potty. Or diapers.



They’re only on one side of a wall, they don’t go all the way through. The solution is obvious, fix the sprite. A few mods do this (but mods shouldn’t be required to finish a game). I suggest looking at those for ideas (or just buy their sprite).


I plan on having more items in subsequently numbered articles on Prison Architect.



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