Participation Trophies for Women in Gaming

Comrade   April 28, 2016   Comments Off on Participation Trophies for Women in Gaming

Legends of the Game Industry

Participation Trophies for Women?

Somebody fire whoever came up with the name “Legends of the Game Industry” because they were way off message. Judging by what happened, it should have been called “A Diverse Representation of the Game Industry” because that’s what they’re really wanting to have.

Well, I assume marketing screwed up the message because nobody could be dumb enough to honestly think that “Legends of the Game Industry” includes participation trophies for women, right? If women aren’t “Legends of the Game Industry” they shouldn’t be included. It’s not that friggin difficult.

I’m not saying women haven’t accomplished anything in the game industry, but there’s not that many women in it. So logic says unless they’re all super-stars there weren’t many qualifying as Legends to choose from, increasing the likelihood of not finding one who was available for the event. #GameDev is serious business and requires a lot of time.

Look, here’s the problem with the participation trophy. By holding women to lower standards & saying “Well, you’ve done acceptably in the games industry so we’ll include you in this Legends event” you’re not challenging them to try harder, or to do better and reach their potential of being a legend. Why try when you get all the rewards without it? And now everyone knows the only reason a woman is going to be put on a future legends panel is because; vagina, diversity, they bothered to show up. What self-respecting woman would want to be a party to that?

Participation Trophies for Women Are Misogynistic

The worst part is this. Once a woman ACTUALLY does something really awesome and gets put on a future “Legends of the Game Industry” panel, people are going to look at her and say “there’s the winner of the vagina participation award”. Then the golf clap, while she gets zero actual respect or recognition for what she’s actually earned. Diversity for the sake of diversity actively promotes and encourages marginalizing identity groups by watering down their member’s real accomplishments with bullshit participation trophies.

Obligatory #GamerGate Reference

Zoe Quinn banging a game journalist doesn’t count as an actual accomplishment. For anyone.

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