Missouri Delegate Shenanigans

Comrade   April 27, 2016   Comments Off on Missouri Delegate Shenanigans

This year I was concerned about delegate shenanigans at the Republican National Convention (RNC) so I managed to get on the slate for my county’s delegates to our district convention where we’ll elect a slate to go to the RNC. Confused yet? So anyway I get a solicitation to vote for this slate at the convention…

Dear Delegates to the 8th Congressional District Convention:

We write to ask for your support at the 8th District Convention for the Constitutional Conservative slate of delegates and alternates to the Republican National Convention, and to the Electoral College. If elected from the 8th District, although we would be bound to support Donald Trump on the first ballot in Cleveland, we commit to doing everything possible, consistent with the state and national rules of the Republican Party, to ensure that Ted Cruz emerges with the nomination of our party. We also oppose the nomination of any candidate not currently running for president. And, because the task will not be finished until the Electoral College votes for Ted Cruz, we ask for your support for our nominee for that critical position.

So they’re asking delegates to elect this slate so they can steal the nomination from the voters for Ted Cruz. We’re dealing with some really honorable folks here. It goes on.

In any other year, the makeup of the delegation from our district might not matter. We could feel good about sending delegates who have earned the chance to go after years of hard work for the GOP, working for other candidates, or themselves running for office.

Essentially any other year they’d feel good about sending insiders. Sounds legit. I’ve never doubted the cronyism existed this just confirms what I’ve known.

This year is different; we need to be absolutely sure of what our delegates will do at the convention, since every decision will count. This July, when the convention begins, neither Trump nor Cruz will arrive with the 1,237 delegate votes needed for the nomination. There will be a second round, and even a third or fourth, until someone wins a majority. Missouri’s delegates come unbound after the first vote, so the candidate they support is a critical question. If someone is unwilling to say who they will support after that first vote, how do we know whether to trust them with the future of our nation and our party?

You assume too much about Trump getting 1,237 comrade, but I agree we should know who the delegates support. After all we want to make sure they support the candidate they were awarded too right? RIGHT?

Some, including the Trump campaign, will say that, since Trump won a plurality in the 8th district, all delegates should promise to support him in Cleveland on all votes, not just the first one. He did win this district, but not with a majority. By most estimates Cruz won the votes of a majority of Republicans in Missouri on March 15; only with the support of independents and Democrats did Trump carry the day. Rather than letting Democrats and independents determine our nominee, we believe it should be Republicans who do so.

He’s gone full retard on this one, saying to hell with all the independents and democrats crossing over to support Trump. Republicans should pick the nominee that only the republicans will vote for, and we can lose this election just like 2008 & 2012. We’ll lose the country but we’ll still have our principles!

Our slate is broadly representative of our district, with each nominee from a different county. No one city or county should decide on behalf of all of Southeast and Southern Missouri. Diverse in our experiences, professions, and political backgrounds, we are united in our solemn commitment to support Ted Cruz to be our party’s nominee in November. Please join us in REDACTED, voting for the Constitutional Conservative slate at the 8th District Convention, a team ready to represent you at the Republican National Convention.


Candidates for Delegate to the Republican National Convention:

No one city or county should decide, as long as we can get people from different places who all decide Ted Cruz, because diversity right? I’m starting to think “Constitutional Conservative” means “Insufferable Douchebag”. Well I can say one thing for sure, these blowhards don’t represent me and I sure as hell won’t be voting for them.

All delegates and alternates Pledge the following:

To vote on the first ballot as directed by the Presidential Primary. To Vote and support on following ballots in the case of a contested convention for Ted Cruz.

To reject and to vote NO on any rule changes that would affect the nomination process of the 2016 convention’s nominating process especially Rule 40B.

What more is there to say? They would steal the nomination with delegate shenanigans and disenfranchise half the party, Then wonder why they lost in November. SMH


Comrade Turner tried to get on a delegate slate for Donald Trump but was unsuccessful. He’ll keep you updated as the story develops. Follow him on twitter @WrongThinkBlog. or not. whatever.