Khizr Khan is a Coward

Khizr Khan took the stage at the DNC and unloaded a full magazine of attacks at Donald Trump. Whatever, politics is nasty. But what’s bad is, when Trump returned fire Khan propped up his dead son’s corpse and used it as a PC meat shield to protect himself from the counter-attack. You’d expect nothing less from the libtards, but Republicans are piling on Trump as well over this.


No, no it’s not what should have been said. Songbird McCain has a long history of being a Blue Falcon and continues that up into this presidential election. He’s not a war hero, he’s a contemptible fraud who left comrades to die in POW camps and then covered it up.

Lindsay still has a massive amount of butthurt from the schlonging he took in the GOP Primary so this isn’t too surprising. And let’s face it, this is just more proof of the Uniparty “working across the aisle” to advance their common globalist agenda. But that doesn’t take away from how despicable and disgusting this behavior is. No honor, no loyalty.

Gonzo Khan

I’ll give it to Gonzo Khan, it was very brave to ask her husband for permission to speak. Under Sharia he has the moral right to beat her like a drum for speaking out of turn or any other perceived slight.

Captain Khan

Some say he’s a hero who sacrificed himself to save save his comrades, and I’d tend to agree given what I’ve read about him. I’ll give credit where credit is due so I won’t talk smack about him. But it’s a shame that his despicable father wants to parade him around as proof that what killed him, radical islamic terrorism, isn’t a threat and attack Donald J. Trump, who would continue his son’s legacy by protecting us from it.

Khizr Khan

Captain Khan died protecting Americans from terrorists, and now his father wants to invalidate his sacrifice by bringing the terrorists here. He’s siding with the woman who voted for the war that destabilized the middle east and led to the situation which got Captain Khan killed, and he’s attacking the man who wants to continue his son’s legacy of protecting Americans against radical islamic terrorism. Khazir Khan is a despicable coward who dishonors his son’s memory, and everyone defending him hiding behind his dead son like some kind of PC human shield is being disingenuous at best, and a moral degenerate at worst.

Once Khizr Khan opened his mouth in the political arena, he became fair game for criticism. Deal with it.


UPDATE: 8/4/2016

If you enjoyed reading about this you might like the article Anonymous Leaks Clinton Foundation Payoff to Khan by Brian Michael. He’s got a lot of info over there that wasn’t available to me when writing this.

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