It’s About Culture, Not Racism

Comrade   August 14, 2016   Comments Off on It’s About Culture, Not Racism

It Started With A Joke

I had been perusing voter demographic data when Jared’s tweet popped up and all of a sudden racism, voting patterns, and identity politics coalesced into the joke you see above. But thinking more about it, it makes a lot of sense. Around 80% of blacks lean democrat, and around 40% of whites lean democrat.

It’s Not Racism

While there’s certainly racial correlation, it is not racial causation. They’re sexually irresponsible, believe they have a right to kill their babies, they celebrate criminals, they minimize and eliminate the man’s role in society and the family, and they blame white people for all the evil in the world. I’m not even talking about black people, I’m talking about democrats.

White Nationalism

I’m not a white nationalist because I don’t have anything against people of other races or ethnicities living with or around me. But I do want the people I live around to share most of my culture and values. That means I don’t want to live around democrats. Not wanting to live around democrats means I incidentally don’t want to live around 80% of black people.

Does that mean I want a country without black people? No. The left misrepresents correlation as causation and labels me as a white nationalist in an attempt to turn the 20% of black people I want to live with and be around against me by claiming I dislike them. Which is totally untrue.

Divide and Conquer

The left doesn’t want the 60% of whites and 20% of blacks to get together and form a strong cohesive political unit. That’s why they try to frame everything as black vs white to emotionally blackmail 20% of black people into siding with them because; muh racism. It prevents us from coming together and opposing the regressive socialist policies the left is trying to force upon us.

The Solution

Don’t buy into the racism narrative. I guarantee you the overwhelming majority of “racists” simply don’t like democrats, and the correlation is being misrepresented as causation. If we can get the 20% of conservative republican blacks to see we don’t hate them and come together we’ll be a more viable political power.