How I’m a Fascist

Comrade   January 24, 2017   Comments Off on How I’m a Fascist

My views are constantly shifting as I learn more, but right now I seem to be a fascist and I wanted to address that with my readers.

How I’m a Fascist

Neo-fascism usually includes ultranationalism, populism, anti-immigration policies or, where relevant, nativism, anti-communism, anti-socialism, anti-Marxism, anti-anarchism and opposition to the parliamentary system and liberal democracy.

– Wikipedia

Ultra-Nationalism: What kind of parent would feed their neighbor’s children while their own were starving? We need to take care of our people before we worry about foreigners.

Populism: Since when is it a bad thing to look out for the welfare of the average citizen?

Anti-Immigration: Because I want to live in a nation governed with red policies. Importing more people who will vote blue, against my interests, is just stupid.

Election by race and sex

Nativism: If non-citizens have the same rights and privileges as citizens, there’s no point in being a citizen and outsiders can come in and completely change the country’s culture.

Anti-Communism: People deserve equality of opportunity, not equality of outcome. Otherwise there’s no reason to do more than bare minimum.

Anti-Socialism: Socialism is just a stepping stone on the path to communism.

Anti-Marxism: I think Marx was right about the bourgeoisie and proletariat class struggle. But I believe it’s the government’s responsibility to prevent social revolution by retarding the disparity between the two groups.

Anti-Anarchism: Mad Max was a good movie, but I don’t want it to be real life.

Parliamentary System: The legislature electing the executive branch negates a separation of powers. Having separate heads of state and government is redundant and wasteful.

Liberal Democracy: It’s being abused by letting non-citizens vote. Liberals in cities often use the federal government to dictate how people outside of cities live.

2016 County Election Map


What I’m Not

Nazi (National Socialist): I don’t like socialism or share many of the beliefs actual Nazis have.

Anti-Semitic: I like most Jewish people I’ve met, and I support Zionism as long as I’m not paying or fighting for it.

Violent: Rioting and sucker punching people is stupid and counter-productive to whatever cause you’re trying to advance.

Phobic: If I’m against something it’s because I believe it’s bad for individuals or society at large. I’m often friendly with, and certainly not afraid of, the people with whom I disagree.

Challenging Expectations

Is this what you expected when I first said I was a fascist? Do you think there’s a better label for my belief system that I overlooked? Do you think I’m wrong about something? Let me know on Twitter @wrongthingblog

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