How I Became A Crook

delegateThus Began My Corruption In Politics

I became a delegate for my county at the republican district convention to vote & help ensure the delegates we sent to the national convention supported Trump. But we also voted on various other things such as platform change proposals to forward to the state committee and our electoral college elector.

Delegates nominated different people that I’d never heard of, and one of the delegates from our county nominated our county committee chairman. They all gave a 2 minute speech, which was the only thing I really had to go on to make a decision. We were to vote on the various people and unless someone got more than 50% of the vote we were to go through and eliminate whoever had the least number of votes & then vote again.


One of the people had a really good speech and from that I thought he deserved to get it the most. Then when it came up to time to vote, I voted for our committee chairman. After all I’d likely not see the other guy until the next district convention, but if I was going to be active at all in our county party I would certainly be dealing with the chairman regularly and might need something from him at some point. I had good intentions going into the convention wanting to prevent insiders from stealing the nomination, and then look at what I did. tisk tisk. So much for good intentions.

Our chairman got around 1/3 the votes of the highest vote-getter and no one won outright. So between the votes our chairman withdrew his nomination, since he knew he wouldn’t win, to help speed things along. Cruz & Kasich could learn a thing or two from this guy! Ironically, that’s when I realized he really did deserve it. A realization backed up after talking to my fellow delegates after the fact. He’s a great person, just not an eloquent public speaker. So I had done the right thing for the wrong reason (which made me feel a little better). Nobody else withdrew.

Conflict of Interest

I made up my mind to go ahead and vote for the first guy. I lied to myself & said that I was doing it because he was my first choice. But really, I had decided to vote for whoever had the most votes to hopefully get them over 50% so we could move on. It was taking forever and I was getting hungry and bored.

In my defense for both instances, that vote had no consequential significance. The electoral college elector is legally bound to vote according to the statewide results in the general election. So it’s only a symbolic formality which can be performed by anyone. One of my disqualifiers was having done it before. You did it once, give somebody else a turn!

But still, disregarding my affinity for taking turns, my first concern should have been who was most deserving of the honor instead of who would most benefit myself. Probably. But it’s nigh to impossible to separate self-interest from the performance of duties when there is no practical difference between the choices.

“Ah well, I’ll do better next election” he said, lying like a politician.

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