Hillary Clinton Wants To Kill Us

Comrade   August 9, 2016   Comments Off on Hillary Clinton Wants To Kill Us

It’s true, one of her main platforms of this campaign is sending out death squads for me and millions of other Americans. Don’t believe me? Read between the lines.

Hillary Clinton wants to ban “assault weapons”. Since legal assault weapons are almost impossible to actually get, she’s wanting to ban something else she’s calling assault weapons. That would be your semi-automatic AR-15, AK-47, and M1A, and other models of modern sporting rifles.

Myself and millions of other Americans aren’t giving up our weapons. Period. That leaves only one option for the government to enforce their ban, come and take them. A team of 6 para-military law enforcement officers will stack up at the door, then breach and clear using ACTUAL assault rifles. The Americans who surrender will be locked in prison for decades, the ones who fight back will be killed in their own homes in front of their families and children. And for what? They had the audacity to take “shall not be infringed” at face value.

Some idiots like to say Trump is Hitler, but Hillary is the only candidate whose platform involves sending out death squads and killing or imprisoning hundreds of thousands who aren’t breaking any current laws. How stupid do you have to be to vote for someone who will send people to kill you? Stupid enough to be #NeverTrump & #EggMcMuffin2016 I guess.