Gay and Trans Insults

Comrade   August 5, 2016   Comments Off on Gay and Trans Insults

I’m not homophobic, I’m not transphobic, in fact I have no fear of gay or trans people whatsoever. But my guilty pleasure is using the slurs.


Growing up I was called faggot more times than Milo Yiannopoulos, despite not actually even being gay. It was a way for my friends and I to bond by slinging meaningless insults at one another. Smear the queer was a fun light-hearted recess game when the teacher wasn’t looking.

Homosexuals culturally appropriated the word gay. It used to mean happy, which is why I have a great aunt named Gay. Aunt Gay. Sounds like something you’d call a trans uncle now doesn’t it? But no, it was her name and it meant happy.

So when my friends and I culturally appropriated the word gay to mean something generally bad or negative, it was in the same spirit as when the faggots started acting gay and using it to describe themselves. If they don’t have to give it back, then I don’t have to give it back either.

If I’m going to be real though, I used to not like homosexuals. Not because they were dirty buttpirates, but because they won’t stop complaining about things. “We don’t want civil unions we want it to be called marriage too, wah”. “We want to force these people to bake us a cake even though they don’t believe in what we’re doing, wah.” There’s a reason I refer to that kind of behavior as faggotry. Plus, calling me homo “phobic” is saying I’m afraid of homos, but I’m not afraid of them which is why I call them names as proof I’m not afraid of them.

Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo Yiannopoulos

I joke that the dangerous faggot himself cured my homophobia with one touch, but it’s almost the truth. Before Milo the only homosexuals I knew of were effeminate whiney little pansies. Kind of like Obama. So why would I have a good opinion of them? But he showed me that gays can be just like anybody else, and that the kind of gay person I actually respect doesn’t give a damn about being called a faggot so it really doesn’t matter if I use it or not. He even explicitly gave me personal permission to use all the words, and as the de facto leader of the gays all you faggots are bound by him to accept it.


I just don’t get transexuals. In my mind, one of the worst things that could ever happen to me is losing my man-parts. I think most men think that. But they willingly go and get theirs chopped off. How am I supposed to relate to someone like that, at all!?!?! But, what parts you have or want to have is totally irrelevant to me if we’re not going to be bumping uglies. So whatever you wanna do princess.

The thing I have against trannys is they call me cis. Cis sounds like sis which is short for sister or sissy. Maybe it’s not how they mean it, but that’s how it sounds. So in my mind, I’ve got somebody who went and castrated themselves calling me a sissy. I’m supposed to just sit and take that? Maybe they don’t understand it because they don’t have balls anymore, but any self-respecting man isn’t going to sit there and take abuse without fighting back. That’s why I use tranny, and will continue using tranny until they stop calling me cis like a bunch of faggots.