Don’t #BlameRussia for #DNCLeaks

Comrade   July 24, 2016   Comments Off on Don’t #BlameRussia for #DNCLeaks

Let’s stop pretending we’re shocked & appalled the Russians were possibly behind the #DNCLeaks. At best it’s naive to think we’re not spying on each other, at worst it’s intentionally dishonest to pretend it’s a new revelation. The real problem is:

The #DNCLeaks Content

These emails demonstrate collusion between media outlets and a major political party. Read this article where Mike Cernovich outlines the 5 Biggest Scoops from the #DNCLeaks WikiLeak. Here are the highlights from his article:

  • Chuck Todd of NBC is bossed around by DNC Chair Debra Wasserman.
  • Hillary has to pay people to support her.
  • Protests that the media cover are not real. The “protesters” are a bunch of interns.
  • The Washington Post hosts joint fundraisers with the DNC.
  • The Democratic primary was rigged.

We’ve Been Betrayed

At one time the media were watchdogs of the republic, holding the government accountable to the people. But now they’re propaganda factories that collude with the DNC on articles and are, in effect, accountable to them and NOT to the American people.

So we have damning evidence of a massive conspiracy to deceive and manipulate the voting public… but the bigger story is that Russia exposed it? No. Just, no.

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