Donald Trump and Loyalty

Comrade   August 4, 2016   Comments Off on Donald Trump and Loyalty

In politics people are disposable. Not the politicians themselves of course (usually) but the people who surround them. One slipup and it gets pinned on a staffer and under the bus they go!

But Trump is loyal. We saw this when Corey Lewandowski was unjustly accused of assaulting a journalist, and when Melania’s speechwriter offered her resignation for including something Michelle Obama had used in a prior speech, and Trump refused.

That kind of loyalty is hard to find in politics, and even in life in general. Commitment is a pillar to the core values of the Marine Corps and defined as “devotion to the Corps and my fellow Marines.” Although on the whole everyone did a pretty good job of it, even there I was thrown under the bus by my command when I got sick and medical was too incompetent to diagnose the problem. My fitness reports read like a list of symptoms on webmd, but rather than run more tests and medically retire me like they were supposed to, they simply denied me reenlistment to force me out. To hell with those disloyal bastards.

I tell that story for a reason. My Honor-Courage-Commitment belief system acquired in service combined with my experience getting tossed under the bus, has given me a profound appreciation for those who exhibit loyalty, especially to their subordinates.

So when I see Donald Trump, a man who has shown exceptional loyalty to the members of his campaign staff, get stabbed in the back by fellow Republicans it infuriates me. That’s part of why I endorse Paul Nehlen and hope he ousts incumbent Paul Ryan. A big part is the awful way Ryan has gone along with the liberal agenda ensuring the democrats get whatever they want. But maybe even more than that it is his disloyalty to the Republican presidential candidate that has me the most angry at Paul Ryan.

I personally got screwed over by my command, but I still have enough loyalty to not call them out by name on the off chance that they weren’t knowingly being giant douchebags. But even with the alternative to Trump being Hillary Rotten Clinton, Ryan is such a disloyal dirtbag that he’s straight-up playing for the other team.

Then we’ve got a bunch of other Republicans who stabbed Trump in the back over his comments towards Khizr Khan, when Khan shot first and used his son as a human shield to avoid a counter-attack. Sad. But not as sad as the traitors who took his side publically against Trump. Honestly think it was a bad move? Fine, shut the hell up in public, show a unified front, and deal with it in private. It’s not that bloody difficult.

It’s the world against Donald Trump, quite literally, and he needs ALL of his allies to have his back in the good times and bad in order for this movement to succeed. If you live in Wisconsin’s 1st District, send the disloyal dirtbags a message by voting out Paul Ryan and voting in Paul Nehlen.