Critiquing Trump’s First War on Terror Raid? That IS Enemy Propaganda.

Comrade   February 9, 2017   Comments Off on Critiquing Trump’s First War on Terror Raid? That IS Enemy Propaganda.

Blaming President Trump

Scott Shackford, associate editor at, wrote a story titled Critiquing Trump’s First War on Terror Raid? That’s ‘Emboldening the Enemy’ and it’s not readily apparent whether he’s an enemy propagandist or just writing about a subject he doesn’t understand.

White House Spokesman Sean Spicer declared previously that anybody seeing the raid as anything less than a success owed the deceased Owens an apology. This is typical posturing—politicians attempting to deflect criticism away from their leadership and control over military action by suggesting that it is an attack on those who were injured or killed while carrying it out.

– Scott Shackford

It’s not exactly an attack on those injured or killed carrying it out, but it is an attack on the military leaders who planned and executed the mission. Criticizing President Trump’s leadership over the mission’s success or failure belittles the military’s role in planning operations.

People who have never been in the military don’t understand this, but Presidents sign permission slips for field trips. They don’t plan the ops. In previous wars they wouldn’t even bother the President with a small operation like this but because of enemy propaganda they’re forced to in this one.

Sure blame the President, why not.

But that’s not the worst part.

Terrorists intentionally surround themselves by non-combatants. They stockpile weapons in mosques, schools, and hospitals. They use elementary schools to train child soldiers.

This makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to fight them without blowing up hospitals, schools, mosques, and inadvertently killing “civilians”. Then our media dutifully reports we committed war crimes.

Do you know the difference between a dead terrorist and a dead civilian? Someone collected the civilians’ rifles and hid them before somebody showed up to count the bodies.

See this kid cutting the head off an innocent teddy bear? Practicing for when it’s his turn to behead a civilian?

Jihadi Kid

If he gets blown up, it gets reported like this

A Navy SEAL, Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens,was killed in the raid, as were several civilians, including the American-born 8-year-old daughter of terror organizer Anwar al-Awlaki.

– Scott Shackford



You portray our soldiers as war criminals for incidentally killing civilians used as human shields. You make them out to be monsters for killing child soldiers. You turn our civilians population against our military and force our soldiers to fight with both arms tied behind their backs. You paint our successes as failures.

We know that many things went wrong with the first terror-focused military raid ordered under the Trump presidency in Yemen. A Navy SEAL, Chief Petty Officer William “Ryan” Owens, was killed in the raid, as were several civilians, including the American-born 8-year-old daughter of terror organizer Anwar al-Awlaki.

– Scott Shackford

You’re perfectly happy reporting all the bad things you know. But you conveniently ignore what you don’t know.

What was the value of intel gathered in the operation? How many enemies were killed? What effect will the loss of this asset have on enemy warfighting capability?

Those are the metrics that determine if it’s success or failure, and you have no capability of knowing those things. Meh, just report on the 1 guy we lost and get maximum emotional effect on the death of the 8 year old like a good propagandist.

Whether the collateral damage of the raid designates it as a failure is the subject of an open debate right now, one that President Trump suddenly is not interested in having.

– Scott Shackford

Again, it’s not a subject of open debate because you couldn’t possibly know the necessary information to judge it’s success. You should like Baghdad Bob, only interested in portraying it as a failure.

Why Critique is Inappropriate

When Trump was running for President part of the election was a referendum on America’s strategy to fight terrorism. Thus, it was entirely appropriate and necessary to discuss past successes and failures so the country could decide if we wanted to go with President Trump’s plan or Secretary Clinton’s.

But then Trump won the election. the referendum is over, this is how we’re going to fight the war. If you’ve served in the military you know that outside of combat when you’re an NCO it’s often appropriate to voice your concerns about a plan of action with a superior before the final decision. But when the decision is made, you execute it as if it was your idea all along.

America just doesn’t know how to fight a war anymore.

  1. They want secret military plans to be made public.
  2. They spread enemy propaganda because “muh free speech.”
  3. Every jerk with a keyboard without access to relevant information wants to second guess military officers’ decisions then blame them on the President.

We’ve got 2 options. Get on board with the war effort and try to win, or let the enemy kill us unopposed. Actually, no there’s a fashy 3rd option. Lock up the enemy propagandists and try them for treason, then win the war! Yea, lets go with that one.

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