Cernoscope: News Update 8/11/2016

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Cernoscope is a new series I’m trying out where I write about #Periscope shows Mike Cernovich does (@PlayDangerously). Most of the ideas and concepts in these articles will be his and I’ll be doing a lot of paraphrasing and add some personal thoughts. If I’m not very clear on who said what ask in the comments, or better yet watch the VIDEO and get Mike’s ideas directly from him.

Nick Denton and Gawker

Nick Denton is flat-out broke, Mike disclosed he learned Denton has around $1500 in his checking account from court documents. He then related the story about the following video where Emily Youcis (@realEmilyYoucis) cornered Denton outside his party and apparently upset him so much that he ended the party 2 hours early.

Of significant note is Mike declared vendetta against Gawker for ruining people’s lives and announced he’ll be leaking information on Nick Denton, Gawker, and individuals associated with them.  As he puts it we’re going to be “gawking at Gawker”. Bwa ha ha ha!

The Big Picture

Mike talked about the Journo List where the old media would plot and coordinate what stories they were and weren’t going to cover and what narrative it was they would be pushing. In the old days things we care about like Michelle Fields plagiarism and Hillary’s Health wouldn’t see the light of day.

That’s where we come in. Although Mike tends to come off as braggadocious in much of his writing, the veneer comes off at times like this where he humbly posits that his account with only 70,000 followers is only a small part of our success and that each one of those followers retweeting his stories and boosting hashtags like #HillarysHealth is where the true power lies.

We’re driving the news cycle, things the media didn’t want to cover they now have to cover it, even if they’re just trying to say Mike is wrong and try to discredit him. Which they can’t.

Paraphrasing Mike (numbers were changed from estimates to exact): In 2014 the rightwing media talked about hillary’s health and there was a poll by Rasmussen showing 38% of voters wanted to see Hillary’s Health records. Now in 2016 since we have talked about Hillary Clinton’s health, Rasmussen is showing 59% of voters want to see her health records. Link to Breitbart article detailing this.

That means Mike and his followers (us) are demonstrably 21% more effective than the old conservative media in influencing voters. Whaaaat!

Seth Rich

Media didn’t want to talk about Seth Rich, so wikileaks put up a $20,000 reward for information leading to a conviction which was then matched by Mike Cernovich. Washington DC Police are also offering a $25,000 reward for info. Wesearchr has accepted the $65,000 challenge and taken up the case.

Although the media is are calling it a conspiracy theory, they’re being forced to cover it and with 60% of people distrusting the media you know it’s getting some traction.

Hillary’s Health

There was a leak of alleged Hillary medical records which turned out to be fake, along with a fake MRI. Mike explains that he has to be careful to not spread any hoaxes lest it undermines his credibility.

Mike did a big plug for @PrisonPlanet‘s work on Hillary’s health. Here’s one video he’s done on it you can check out his twitter.

Giving Credit

There’s a lot of stuff going on and a huge demand for the truth, so the more the merrier. Link to one another, share what other people are doing. Mike gave a list of people and things they’re doing, he said he’ll make a list so for brevity’s sake I’ll leave all that out but it’s in the video.

He said it’s important to spread the credit and build one another up, the cuckservative media has been discredited and destroyed so forget about them and work to build each other up instead of wasting energy bashing them. That’s the best way to spread this movement.

Michelle Fields

She got busted on plagiarism, copying from other articles and rewriting it a little, so now other authors are telling her publisher to drop her or they’re going to not going to use them anymore.

Orlando Shooter’s Father

Hillary needs to disavow the Hillary supporter who assaulted an elderly man with a crowbar, but she also needs to disavow the Orlando Shooter’s father who was invited to sit behind the stage at a Hillary Clinton rally.

Mike says it was intentional to send a message to ISIS that Hillary Clinton supports them, and to stop attacking until after the election because terror attacks help Trump. Then after the election terror attacks are great for Hillary because it allows her to start more wars and provides an excuse to try and restrict the rights of Americans.

Clintons are Gunning for Mike

He’s becoming a problem, and we all know what happens to people who are a problem for the Clintons. They wind up murdered or “commit suicide”. Mike has been very explicit on previous occasions that he will never commit suicide and reassures us he takes precautions for personal security. I still worry for his safety though and it won’t hurt to let her know we’re watching and if something happens to him she’s the #1 suspect. Nothing stops a criminal as well as knowing they’re being watched.

The Big Picture Theory

“This is a level of evil that most people just don’t comprehend, that people don’t want to comprehend because it’s terrifying to think about.”

– Mike Cernovich

So terrifying, in fact, that instead of giving his theory he has instead proposed a thought experiment so as to not turn away those who aren’t ready for the truth.


“What if you thought democracy was bad, that you thought people should be enslaved?”

– Mike Cernovich

If you look at many countries you’ll find they have a “slave” population that lives in abject poverty and an aristocracy that lives in mansions. Mike uses China, Russia, and Mexico as examples of places he’s been where this is the case and I can add personal experience in various Caribbean countries.

Now, to establish yourself as the new royalty you’d bring in a ton of people for the lower class. More competition for jobs will drive down wages and destroy the middle class because you can’t have a ruling class with a middle class. Mike explains “if you have a strong middle class with upward mobility then people can compete.” A ruling class must be untouchable by eliminating the competition.

Mike relates how he grew up very poor but worked his way up to being in the 1%. But now young people who are now in the situation he was in 30 years ago don’t have a chance of climbing the economic ladder. By bringing in a bunch of immigrants to compete for what were once middle-class jobs you drive down wages, raise crime rates, and destroy things, to ensure no one can never get a leg up and threaten the status of the ruling class in the way Mike has threatened Hillary Clinton’s rightful appointment to president.

Eliminate people like Mike by eliminating upward mobility, distract and divide people with identity politics so they can’t see what’s happening or respond effectively to it. Control education to ensure they don’t learn anything to threaten your agenda. You want to take away guns to eliminate the threat of an uprising. Increased terrorism to keep people afraid and provide justification for suspending personal freedoms and liberties. To me it looks like basically the entire democrat party platform.

Another way someone else explained it to me was that most poor people vote democrat, and most well-off people vote republican. So the republicans want to make more people well-off to vote for them and keep them in power, and the democrats want more people to be poor to vote for them and keep them in power. Scary stuff.

In Closing


Let me know if you enjoyed this article and whether you’d like for me to keep going with the Cernoscope series or not. It takes more time to write than my usual articles so I want to make sure the effort isn’t being wasted. Thanks for reading!