Cernoscope: Media Hoaxed and Fake Hillary Polls

Comrade   August 18, 2016   Comments Off on Cernoscope: Media Hoaxed and Fake Hillary Polls

Media Hoaxed and why the Hillary polls are fake: VIDEO

Credit for ideas and concepts in this post go to Mike Cernovich. It also includes unattributed partial quotes and paraphrasing because nobody wants to read “Mike said” 150 times, and I hate rewinding the video 10 times to do exact quotes properly. As always I suggest you watch the video above where Mike covers his stuff personally, but if you don’t have the time or don’t want to, Here are my notes.

Media Hoaxes Exposed

We’re exposing the media for the frauds they are. They misrepresent facts to fit their narrative and make up anonymous sources for fake information. By us talking about it and pushing the truth, we’re bringing these lies and false narratives to light. Keep up the good work.

  1. CNN Cuts Sylville Smith Sister’s Call to Move Riots to Suburbs: ‘Burn That Sh*t Down!’…Update: CNN Admits to Mischaracterizing Sisters’s Call for Peace
  2. Joan Walsh’s pro-Hillary bias was revealed by her indignation that we were talking about #HillarysHealth while she had done the exact same thing to Mitt Romney.


Mike’s Take On Trump Hiring Steve Bannon

Good for Trump because Steve Bannon is a fighter, but possibly bad for Breitbart’s brand.

Psyop Victory!

We have accomplished the objective set out In #HillarysStools – Cernovich War Room by causing her to stop using stools. At yesterday’s rally she did not use or have a stool. We’ve taken away her hypnotist/doctor by exposing him and the stools. Paul Joseph Watson ran a story about Hillary’s neurological condition that includes information about handicap SUVs she uses. They planned to take pictures of that and according to Mike Hillary changed her routes so prevent media from seeing her enter or exit the handicap vehicles.

Hillary Polls Rigged

They oversample democrats, but really the polls don’t even matter. Mike already wrote an excellent article on this “America’s Leading Motivation Expert Explains Why Hillary Polls are Bogus” so I’m just going to say he talked more about it in the video.

Trump’s Biggest Mistake

Not talking directly to us via social media like periscope. Trump should be doing a periscope every day, and bust hoaxes as they come up. He could also use counter-programming. It’s where you run a program opposite to something else so nobody watches the other thing. For example if Hillary was going to be on CNN, like a town hall or something, he could schedule a periscope at the same time then people will be watching him instead of her, taking her viewers.

If we can get a hashtag trending on twitter, Trump could do so much more. Simply by talking to his people. Us. He does a good job at the rallies but shouldn’t be going on shows with the likes of Jake Tapper who are against him and giving them ratings and money, and instead use and develop his own platforms to get his message out.

He’s at war with the media but still thinks they’re his friends, going on their shows. He shouldn’t be doing that he should be directly spreading his message through alternate channels. Mike suggests Trump  could do as many as 50,000 live viewers on his periscope.

Trump should talk to us every day or have someone else busting media hoaxes. The 2 hottest topics right now are media hoaxes and free speech. Mike suggests Trump just plagiarize and rip off what he does. He doesn’t care.

New hashtags to push

#HillarysPillows – We found out in the rider to her contract she requires multiple pillows. Does she need pillows because of bad health?

#TrumpPeriscope – We want Trump on periscope, talking directly to the people and getting past the media filter with direct messages. He can bust hoaxes, counter the media’s lying narratives, and focus our efforts to spreading his campaign’s message. Mike reiterated this several times and this hashtag is the most important thing in this post. So push it hard!