Cernoscope: Why we know #HillarysHealth is fading

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Why we know for a fact that #HillarysHealth is fading VIDEO

Credit for concepts and ideas in this article belong to Mike Cernovich. Here are my notes on his follow-up #HillarysHealth periscope video linked above.

When you have momentum you have to keep pushing, even harder, to keep the momentum. You think if you have momentum you can coast, but you can’t coast, it’s very easy to lose momentum. We have momentum. We are winning.

Notice the loaded title? They call it a conspiracy and focus on the criticism. They hate is that it’s going mainstream, and we did that. Mike, you, me, all of us pushing #HillarysHealth.

The Press

Hillary hasn’t done a press conference in…

When the mainstream media called Mike pro-rape there were some idiots that believed it, but he laughed because it was a rediculous conspiracy. He even did a periscope he titled “Pro-Rape #MikeCernovich discusses dishonest Daily Beast article. 

If Hillary is healthy all she has to do is come out and do a press conference and say “here I am” do it live, do a great job, and discredit your detractors. But she’s not coming out and countering it. That’s how we know she’s really sick.

Also, the journalists saying it’s a conspiracy aren’t demanding that she come out and give a press conference. After over 260 days, they should be. The media travels with presidential candidates, fly on their planes, and follow them around at events. The Journalists see she can’t walk up a flight of stairs without help, it’s not like they don’t know. They’re just not reporting it.

They know her health is bad, and that’s why they’re being defensive about it. They were flat out ignoring it until we started #HillarysHealth and brought it to the forefront of people’s consciousness. Now that their game is being exposed, they having to defend it. Because of us.

Mike’s second question didn’t get a response, because there is no excuse they can give besides admitting to it. They all know about her health and they’re all covering for her.

How To Tell They’re Lying Hoaxers

If you think the media is lying and are hoaxers, how do you prove it? She hasn’t done a press conference in 260 days and the media should be up in arms, but they’re not. Instead they’re freaking out over Trump revoking press credentials.

To be clear, Trump isn’t banning any media outlets or journalists from his events, he’s just not giving them press credentials so they can go in the special press bullpen. They can still go to the events and sit with the plebs and do their reporting that way. That’s what Mike did when he went to a rally, it’s what many bloggers do.

So they’re saying Trump is attacking the free press but he’s doing interviews, rallies, and press conferences all the time. He is available for them to report on. They’re saying nothing about the lack of access and press conferences of Hillary Clinton, which actually does prevent them from doing what they’re supposed to be doing. That’s how you know she’s sick, and that’s how you know they’re lying hoaxers.

Two Standards

When John McCain ran for president the media said he was too old and demanded to see health records. Because he had skin cancer one time. Google “John McCain Health Records” and see all the stuff coming out.

Hillary Clinton fell and brained herself several times, had a life threatening deep vein thrombosis, and can’t hardly walk one block in a gay pride parade without concerned medical professionals constantly checking on her.

Author’s Note: Reminder, she also takes money from Saudi Arabia, which executes gays.

So why aren’t they pushing her to do a press conference? Because they know she can’t give a press conference because she’s not healthy, and they’re not demanding health records because they know what would be in them. Contrast this with their insistence on seeing Trump’s taxes.

With this “conspiracy theory” gaining traction and the evidence of a media cover-up, we can be certain if there is a medical records release, it’ll be forged documents. But if she’d have been healthy from the beginning what she would have done is release the records and then say “Ok Trump now release your tax records”. But she didn’t, because she can’t.

Clinton Foundation

We want to see her Clinton foundation financial records. We know that 73% of the expenses went to “program expenses” such as salaries, parties, jets, not to actual charities to help people.

Charity navigator, a site to see if a charity is legit before you donate, had the foundation on their watch list of potentiall problematic charities. Now they took it off the watch list and won’t even rate the Clinton foundation.

We had previously evaluated this organization, but have since determined that this charity’s atypical business model can not be accurately captured in our current rating methodology.

Charity Navigator

What they’re saying is, they can’t rate it as a charity because it’s not a real charity. It’s a slush fund.

Press Conferences

Mike gave us an assignment to tweet a link to to all the Journalists and demand to know why they’re fine with Hillary not having press conferences. Is it because she’s sick? Well… guess what happened to that website.


It must have “committed suicide” like everyone else that threatens Hillary Clinton. I did find another website you can link to instead that still works HERE. I embedded it above in this article.

Note From The Author

I’m humbled by how many of you shared the last Cernoscope, it’s gotten twice as much engagement as the last time Mike retweeted one! (He’s didn’t retweet the last two)

CernoScope Stats

So screw you Mike I’m going solo! lol Kidding, kidding! Mike gave me a shout out in the #HillarysHuma video (5:10) so I know he still loves me, and I can’t stress enough how much credit for these notes go to Mike. Basically everything is paraphrased if not straight up plagiarized partial quotes (it’d take hours to do these “right” by journalism standards). But as Mike points out in his videos it’s not about him, or me, or you, it’s a group effort with all of us together in this fight for the future of our nation. So please share his video and these notes so we can get the word out to as many people as possible. Thanks for reading!