Cernoscope: Is #HillaryLeaks too mean?

Comrade   August 20, 2016   Comments Off on Cernoscope: Is #HillaryLeaks too mean?

#HillaryLeaks – too mean to bring up Hillary’s catheter? VIDEO

Credit for ideas and concepts in this post go to Mike Cernovich, these are notes from his #Periscope video linked above along with some comments from me.


To lead, influence and persuade, you need buy-in from people. The media thinks they’re autocrats and don’t get buy-in then they wonder why people bash them and don’t go along with whatever they say. Buy-in is why we are succeeding. With Mike’s leadership to bring us together and organize things, we come up with hashtags as a group and then push it.


So background, we thought it was a joke but mounting evidence suggests Hillary does wear a catheter. It seems #HillarysHealth is looking worse and worse. And we want to keep pushing that.

#HillaryLeaks – We’re not just talking about the catheter, we’re doing a double entendre. If you think it’s too mean to mention she wears a catheter, take the high road and use the hashtag for her security leaks. How she leaked weapons to Saudi Arabia which they’re using to kill the Yemenis. She leaks uranium into Russia. You get the idea.


Twitter will use subtlety and try to deep-six our hashtag so it doesn’t trend. For example on #HillarysHealth they changed the autocomplete to say #HillarysHeath. See the difference? Very subtle, don’t trust autocomplete on twitter. They’ll try to switch the hashtag. They did it with #DNCLeaks they changed it to #DNCLeak, or the other way around I don’t remember who cares.

So make sure you type out the whole thing, don’t trust auto complete. It is Hillary (singular) Leaks (verb). Hillary Leaks. #HillaryLeaks

Attention Russian Agents

We’re getting accused of being supported by Russian hackers, or getting paid by Russia to support Trump and attack Hillary. And if we’re going to get blamed for it anyway we might as well actually do it.

So President Putin, if you’re watching this, Mike would like to requisition a house with 5 Russian hackers and 5-10 Russian supermodels. If you don’t want to do that, he wants a green screen instead. (As long as we’re doing wish lists… I’d like a top-of-the-line Alienware 17 Laptop with the graphics amplifier and a rifle of your glorious AK-47 design. Mike’s hacker request is a little more important than my stuff but… Aug 23rd is my birthday.)

Random Stuff

Mike says he cusses a lot because he doesn’t want basic b*tches following him, he wants edgy people who don’t give a f**k. (Personally I’d rather he didn’t just because that makes it difficult to watch his periscopes in front of my kids, I’m fluent in expletives and trying to get away from that because; dad.)

Mike also teases about a top secret project with @CassandraRules (At least I think that’s who he said, I was writing something else and can’t find that part now so please tweet me the correct info if I’m wrong)

He plugs Scott Adams’ book How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life.

Bloggers and news sites are closing their comments because they’re lying and people call them out. If you don’t like the majority of comments on your articles it’s your fault. You either need to write better, or stop lying, or whatever it is causing people to hate on you.

If you’re a lady with big titties hanging out people won’t take you seriously as an intellectual. If you’re jacked muscle man and wear sleeveless shirts you’re going to be seen as a meathead as well. So if you want to be seen as a real journalist, or mindset expert, you need to market yourself accordingly.

Focus on the long-term vision for your life, not the short-term pains that you go through. It’s not fair Mike can walk around in a hoodie but a black guy can’t. You can focus on the unfairness of that moment or you can focus on something else to improve and make a real difference in your life.

Final Thoughts

The random stuff section is only like 1/4 of the stuff Mike actually talks about in his Q&A session at the end, but I’ve got stuff to do and probably couldn’t do it justice anyway so have a look at the VIDEO.

I’m glad people are liking these and that Mike is sharing them. If anyone has comments or suggestions for improving or doing these differently leave a comment below or tweet me. Thanks for reading!