Cernoscope: Gawker is Dead #ThankYouPeter

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Gawker is Dead – #ThankYouPeter Periscope VIDEO

As always in these Cernoscope articles credit goes to Mike Cernovich for concepts and ideas, I mostly paraphrase and recommend you watch the video. In this case the 2nd half was too much to write about so you will need to watch that either way, and I added an “author’s thoughts” section at the end that is all me talking. Lets get to it.

New Hashtag

#ThankYouPeter – It’s Peter Thiel appreciation day because he is the main person responsible for killing Gawker. Gawker has ruined hundreds or thousands of lives with hoaxes, getting people fired by lying about tweets, outing closet homosexuals, posted revenge porn and rape footage and child porn, etc.

We want everybody to post #ThankYouPeter linking to his NYT Op-Ed or an article making fun of gawker, or just saying something nice, or funny memes. Bring glory to people who do the right thing, encourage them, because courage is contagious and we’ll have a cumulative effect with more and more people doing the right thing.

Sure bashing people who do bad things is fun, but the left can do that, and we’re better than the left and we’ll win because we’ll encourage people who do the right thing. Use persuasion and influence to inspire more people to be great, all the left does is tear each other down if they get out of line.

Peter Thiel & Emily Youcis

Peter Thiel was also a Trump delegate and gave a great speech at the RNC.

Mike says go buy Peter’s book Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future because it’s awesome.


Follow @realEmilyYoucis – Mike hired her to confront Nick Denton at his Gawker party and she triggered him and made him shut down the party 2 hours early.


After the part about Emily Mike started saying something about Peter Thiel, the contrarian question and important truths. He gets really deep and complicated so you’ll just have to watch the periscope HERE for that part it starts around 14:15.

Then Peter Thiel has some important principles that Mike goes into HERE a bit after 25:00. It’s several things he goes into detail on so I’ll let you watch that if you’re interested.

But I would like to talk about this towards the end, Mike said something to the effect of – There’s a lot of artistic types who say they don’t care if anybody ever reads their stuff because they’re an artist. ‘I don’t care if people buy my stuff’ is a rationalization for losers and failures who want to just rationalize it to preserve their precious little ego.

Author’s thoughts: Not gonna lie that one hurt a little, I’m one of those who say I don’t care if anyone reads my stuff, and he’s pretty much right about all of it. But this is a teachable moment because if you follow Mike for long enough it’s guaranteed he’s going to hit you hard with an insensitive truth too at some point.

Don’t take it personally, don’t say “f**k you” and unfollow him. That might make you feel a little better, but it doesn’t actually make you any better. It makes you a loser. Instead take it as a reality check and an opportunity to reevaluate your mindset, your life, and fix yourself. Say “thank you sir, may I have some more” and do the same thing next time you inevitably get hit.

After a while you’ll look back and see how improved you are over what you used to be, and it’ll make all the butthurt you felt along the way worthwhile. Probably. I dunno, I’m still trying to get myself together but that’s a story for another day. I’m already behind on doing these Cernoscopes.