The Case For The Nuclear Family

Comrade   February 3, 2017   Comments Off on The Case For The Nuclear Family

Nuclear Family

The nuclear family consists of a man and woman in a monogamous relationship working together to raise one or more children. Think about Leave it to Beaver.


The children are emotionally secure with two loving parents teaching them how to act like a man or woman and to respect the opposite sex. With the parent’s major concerns being their work and their family and they’re able to focus attention on improving the standing of their family through excellence on the job and/or help their children learn and grow.

Modern Family Situations

The modern family can have one or more major deviations from the nuclear family ideal.

Absent Father

Fathers bring a firm and sometimes harshness into the relationship with their children that conditions them to respect authority, stand firm against adversity, and gives them confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Without a father, mothers do not have a partner upon whom they can rely to “deal with the kids” when they get overwhelmed which promotes abuse or neglect by the over-stressed parent. This can be alleviated by extended family, but the absence of a father cannot be fully remedied. Males don’t have the positive role model to show them how a good man treats his woman, or who can help support and develop his natural masculine tendencies. Females don’t have a positive role model to demonstrate how she should treat a man or (more importantly for girls) how to expect to be treated by a good man.

Thus we end up with feminized males ill-suited to fulfill their masculine role in society or who cannot control their masculinity and end up abusing women. We end up with women who don’t treat their men with the proper respect, or who don’t demand the proper respect in their relationships with men.


No self-respecting man or woman another sleeping with their partner. Jealousy is a biological imperative, demanding we protect our interests. A man devoting time to another woman does so to the expense of his wife, his children, or his job. A woman devoting time to another man devalues herself and her children often resulting in the man leaving. (see absent father). It creates fights with makes children feel insecure, and they’re never sure if or when mommy or daddy is going to leave.

Mashup Families


You’ve got 4 kids from 3 marriages, all of whom feel abandoned by their parent. You’ve got to deal with step-parents, exes, shared custody, visitations, alimony, child support. All of everyone’s energy goes into just simply existing, with nothing left for thriving.

Nuclear Family For The Win

Whether humans developed the nuclear family structure as we evolved, or we were designed to operate best in nuclear families can be debated. What can’t be debated is that there are significant detriments to the children (and thus society as a whole) when there is deviation from the nuclear family ideal.

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