Alton Sterling’s Final Moments Analyzed

From the first video it was apparent that officers shouted to get on the ground before firing a taser and then tackling him. I doubt any rational person is complaining about that. What does have people upset is that while the officers had him on the ground, they shot him. So I have taken the time to carefully go through frame by frame to determine what happened after the officers got him on the ground.

  1. Officers shouted “He’s got a gun” BEFORE drawing their firearms. This is significant because it indicates they properly used escalation of force protocols and didn’t resort to lethal force until the suspect was found to have a lethal weapon.
  2. The officer gave a verbal warning “Hey brofus you fucking move I swear to God”. While he didn’t say “Don’t move or I’ll shoot” it was very apparent what he meant with the statement.
  3. Alton Sterling shouted “Thanks for the free gun” as he ignored the verbal warning and pulled one of the officers down on top of him. It was at this point the first shots were fired.
  4. Alton Sterling began rolling over on top of one of the officers shouting “You’re Dead” as the camera turns away.
  5. We can’t see what is happening, but an officer gives another verbal warning to get on the ground before firing again.

I was in the Military Police for 9 months in the Marines and this fits with what I was trained. It appears as though the escalation of force continuum was properly applied up to deadly force. And all 3 requirements for the application of deadly force were present, although any 2 of the 3 together will suffice.

  1. Subject had the ability. He had a gun and was close enough to take an officer’s weapon.
  2. Subject had the intent. This is established by him shouting “thanks for the free gun” and “you’re dead”
  3. Subject made the attempt. By going for the officer’s weapon and pulling him down then trying to roll on top of him.

In my professional opinion these officers acted appropriately according to typical police training and made every attempt to control the situation before resorting to deadly force. I think Alton Sterling was endangering their lives through his actions and they were totally justified in shooting him.

But watch the video and make up your own mind.

Here is a link to the original video by Baton Rouge Crime on YouTube.

Comrade Turner wishes to express his condolences to Alton Sterling’s family, and the police officers and their families who will no doubt be targeted by hate over this incident. Follow Comrade Turner on twitter @WrongThinkBlog.

18 thoughts on “Alton Sterling’s Final Moments Analyzed

  1. MaxSaxon

    Great work. It is now obvious that the shooting was fully justified. Case Closed. Moved on.

    Since the press can no longer be trusted to tell the truth, their license to publish lies should be revoked.

    1. Comrade Turner Post author

      Thanks. Check out, Mike Cernovich (@Cernovich) does an excellent job debunking some of the media hoaxes and he even broke with those pictures of the dead Dallas shooting suspect.

  2. Cartier McCloud

    An excellent analysis. And who is the asshole who moved the camera away at the critical moment?? And why? Was he ever identified? Did he give any interviews??

  3. Greg

    I don’t believe Sterling said “Thanks for the free gun”. I believe the officer nearest to the silver vehicle in the background made a gasp/gulping sound such as “Gah!” followed by, “He’s going for the gun” which lead to the officer with his weapon out to fire. This is just what I hear however so I think it’s best to wait for the facts to come in.

  4. Amersyn

    Exactly why would he yell “Thanks for the FREE gun?” The officer’s weapon was on his RIGHT hip. The suspect’s LEFT hand was closest and would’ve been the one needed to reach for that weapon. His left hand never left the ground!!!!!! If, and a big IF, he pulled that officer on top of him, how was he going to grab that weapon with the hand he was using to pull him down??? And that didn’t sound like Alton to me. That sounded like one of the officers. I want to believe this video because I do believe police are being unfairly targeted, but this one isn’t right. He wasn’t going for a gun.

    1. Comrade Turner Post author

      I don’t remember where it was now, but another site broke down the video with screenshots and they asserted that he was reaching for a gun in his pocket. The one the officer removes at the end of the video. If that’s the case “thanks for the free gun” REALLY doesn’t make sense. Experts have been looking at the video so hopefully we’ll get a report of what was really said fairly soon.

  5. Amersyn

    The “you’re dead” comment really sounds like one of the officers. And again, why would he say “thanks for the free gun?” The cop straddling him looked like he was planting it. I certainly hope that isn’t true.

  6. Kevin Sincennes

    Freeze it when he rolls over after the camera comes back, Does it not look like holes in his pocket?

    1. Comrade Turner Post author

      It kind of does, but it’s too difficult to tell in the video. At least that’s something they would have physical evidence of.

  7. Eric

    Officer did what he had too. Man try to be a hero by not following order. That your type of thug. Want to fight outside of laws. Then get kill for not following the police officer order. Hope and pray for these guy in blue.

  8. Jada

    Alton voice was the voice at the very beginning saying something that sounds like “I can’t breathe no more” .. the voice that said something about the gun was the other officer., & it sounded more like “he’s reaching for his gun” I could be wrong

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  11. Star

    You can read what you want into anything… I don’t see how Alton could pull anyone down on top of him with his arms being pinned down by the officers (you can clearly see his left arm under the officers leg) and all the shooting sounds like it comes only from the two cops to me. I see two angry, trigger happy cops, who could have handled this situation differently. How do we know the cop who shoots him didn’t slip that tiny pistol into the victim’s pocket while obscured from camera? Sad that it’s hard to know if you can trust a police officer these days.

  12. Na

    It sounds like he says “Hey man, what the fu*k?!-Sterling…
    Then the cop says, “You wanna fight me, tough guy?…. He’s got a gun!”

    You can clearly see where Sterling rolls over the officer. Funny how the camera cuts away.

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