What Is WrongThink?

Verb | wrong·think | \ˈrȯŋˈthiŋk\

: a politically incorrect, or socially unacceptable way of thinking

: to have a politically incorrect or socially unacceptable opinion about someone or something

: to form or have (a politically incorrect or socially unacceptable thought) in your mind

 Why WrongThinkBlog?

The theme was inspired by George Orwell’s 1984. I see many similarities between that dystopian future and what the regressive left is trying to accomplish.

Special thanks to Mike Cernovich at dangerandplay.com, his work encouraged me to take a stand with my politically incorrect opinions and fight in the culture war.

Meet The Author

Comrade Turner at WrongThinkBlog

I’m a Marine veteran with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a stay-home dad with 2 boys (because the wage gap is b******t). You can Tweet me @WrongThinkBlog